We are meowy perplexed – are we getting a canine?

Friday, January 17th, 2014 by meowmixers

Hello.  We are meowy sorry that we haven’t written – or rather – Ms. Spin hasn’t gotten around to writing for us.  We have wanted to paw a lot of our thoughts, but she keeps brushing us off and saying,”Later….later…..hey – get out of there – don’t scratch that…..later.”  We are meowy tired of that nonsense, so we just put our paws down and here she is typing on our behalf.

Item #1 Dog Treats

So back to the topic at hand.  We have been observing her and she thinks that we don’t understand what dog food looks and smells like – but we do!  She has ordered some dog treats that smell like bacon and feel very chewy!  In fact, she yelled at Ccr for getting into the treats while she was out in class.  Hmmmmph. She shouldn’t have left the bag within paw’s reach.

Item #2 Dog Toys

Well, we meowy beg your pardon – making dog toys in the residence of Meowmixers?  Excuse us?  But isn’t she supposed to be making little balls of catnip for US?  Well, ex-mew-se us!

Item #3 Ms. Spin smells like canines!

Whenever Ms. Spin returns from seeing some of her friends, we can SMELL that she’s been hugging a smelly canine!  Yuck!  Beneath us!

So there mew have it.  We are getting a dog ……. hopefully never ……..but we’ll see what the future holds because Ms. Spin has been incredibly unreliable and way too friendly with dogs.






The SBD, silent but deadly of all farts!

Thursday, July 18th, 2013 by meowmixers

CCr here.  I farted today.  A silent but deadly.

Word around the Doolittle family is that we are moving.  F**k.  I f*(king hate moving because it sucks.  I will have to sit in the carrier, and then probably be shoved into a room with Miss M while hearing people move furniture.

Ms. Spin hates it when I pass gas, which makes me delight *hold on, gotta lift up my hind leg for this one* even more.  Now, I have to go because we meowy want to see if there are any critters hanging out in the backyard.  Even though Ms. Spin refuses to let us out, we can still look out the window!

A fine treat indeed – Tuna!

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 by meowmixers

Ms. Spin gave us a meowy nice snack.  She fed us tuna!  Yum!  Of course, we finished everything because it was so pure, flavorful and satisfying.  MMMMMMMMMM.

Brother Doolittle just grilled some chicken thighs.  We wonder if Ms. Spin will start sneaking more meat into our meals.  That would be meowy great, but we have learned the hard way that she likes to change things around with our food regimen because she is so fussy about keeping our coats shiny and our bodies healthy.

As long as it is meat and preferably of a pate-like consistency, we are happy.

We can SMELL that Ms. Spin has other animal friends – not meowy good at all

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 by meowmixers

Ms. Spin has been getting around lately.  We mean – she has been hanging out with a variety of hoofed, feathered and canine species.  On Saturday, we could SMELL that she was with several hoofed creatures.  We walked away from her, of course.  Then, this evening, she came home smelling like DOGS.  We are wondering what kinds of ideas are popping in that four eyed head of hers.  She better not be getting a dog.  Her love for dogs is really uncool because we could very well end up hanging out with something that barks, scratches itself excessively and worships people just for being…..people.  Aren’t we enough?

Five Minute Spa Treatment = Priceless

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 by meowmixers

Hey CCR here.  Ms. Spin just gave me the best all over body massage about a minute ago.  She just sat next to me and started rubbing my back and then worked around to my stomach.  It was so fantastic and relaxing, I almost fell asleep.  Miss M and I don’t understand why humans will spend over 60 dollars to pay somebody to massage them.  All Ms. Spin needs is Miss M walking up and down her back and that takes all of the kinks out.


Seriously – who’s the boss?

Sunday, June 9th, 2013 by meowmixers


We (CCR and Miss M) have a couple of issues living in this household:

1) Our food choice has been reduced to wet food.  Fine.  We eat it, but where in the hell has our kibble gone?

2) When we scratch, we scratch because we need to, not because we merely want to ruin a part of the house.  Why does Ms. Spin always clap and tell us to stop when we find a place that is scratchable so we can sharpen our claws for that bird or squirrel that might cross our paths that day.

3) We should have the right to wander around the patio.  Every time Ms. Spin opens that door, she closes it very quickly and makes sure we don’t get our paws near the outside!  We are pretty irritated because we heard that a friend’s cat, who lives in the city, gets to go outside on a regular basis.  In fact, he can walk around the entire city block and all he has to do is wait by the door, meow and somebody from the neighborhood will ring his people’s doorbell.

4) Ms. Spin sleeps in many times a week.  We don’t understand why, but perhaps she needs to get up when her alarm sounds so we don’t have to keep knocking her door to remind her that we need to eat our breakfast.

Well, here’s to another day in our home.  The fun part about living here is that we get to run around, under and over different kinds of furniture and hide out in small spaces.

Trying to get into Brother Doolittle’s room

Saturday, May 25th, 2013 by meowmixers

This morning, when Ms. Spin was lazily sleeping away (we heard her tell Mother Doolittle about some “loss of appetite” business), we were able to occupy our time by figuring out how to weave around Brother in order to get into his room and explore.  We like his room because it is bigger, neater and well, different.  Anyways, we made a successful entry when he came back because he forgot something!

Our victory was short lived when Ms. Spin woke up, got the text from Brother and picked up both of us and put us out in the hallway again.  Drat!  Dagnummit!

Anyways, we are going to return to our post-brunch nap.  Ms. Spin has stopped feeding us our kibble.  We are not sure if it is because she is being stingy or putting us on a diet, but we will strike if this continues.

CCR’s Heroes: Jesco White & Hank Williams III

Saturday, May 4th, 2013 by meowmixers

Here bunny, bunny….

Saturday, May 4th, 2013 by meowmixers

Hey guys – CCR here.  

I have been eyeing this fluffy little baby bunny that has been hanging out on the patio.  It is just sitting there, innocently waiting to be pounced by me!  But, never mind, I am stuck inside.  

Much to Ms. Spin’s dismay and disgust – I would like to live with HIM. Watch the video below. 

We. are. not. happy.

Monday, April 22nd, 2013 by meowmixers

Ms. Spin tricked us!  She moved the litterbox into the bathroom and then we noticed that our food trays were gone.  Of course, we followed our noses to the bathroom, where she was pouring us our meal.  In our guts, we knew something was up, but we love our food, so we couldn’t help but go in and eat. Then, that lady ran out and CCR tried to jump around her, but it was too late.  She apologized many times from outside and said she had no choice because she didn’t want us to run onto a busy street while the movers were moving some furniture into our home.  We are meowy pissed because we are prisoners in our own home.  Well, hopefully someone will let us out and there will be hell to pay when Ms. Spin comes home from work tonight.  Just you wait four eyed lady, just you wait…..